I'm a yogi, mama, barefoot wanderer, tree hugger, moon gazer who began a healing journey several years ago following postpartum depression and the end of my marriage. During this time I went through a huge spiritual awakening. The walls of my Universe crumbled and while I lay sobbing amidst the ruins, flowers began to blossom all around me. Flowers that opened my heart to the divinity within me, within all things, the sacred connectedness and beauty of it all. I awakened to the light of the Universe / God / Source / Spirit / the Divine (whatever you wish to call it), which resides within us all and to which we will one day return.

I believe in the power of these three things:




If you've just begun your spiritual journey or you're head long into a dark night of the soul, I hope my website and the tools I offer can shine some light on your path. I believe the Universe is always conspiring for us and there is a lesson or a blessing in everything. Sometimes the darkest storms come bearing the most beautiful gifts.

My wish for you, reading this, is that you live life with your arms and your heart and your mind wide open. That you find love within yourself and share it with the world as often as you can. That you remember to dance. To be brave. To laugh with reckless abandon. That you go skinny dipping, gaze at the moon, discover what sets your heart ablaze and have the courage to follow it.

Onward beautiful soul. We are all just walking each other home... (Ram Dass)


Kat xo

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