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10 Affirmations To Infuse Your Being With Love

Fall in love with yourself - mind, body and soul. Self-love is essential for inner wellbeing, confidence and self-worth. In a world that profits from insecurity, loving yourself is a beautiful act of rebellion. Here are 10 affirmations to infuse your being with self love. Choose one that resonates - or use all 10 of them. Repeat daily and often. I love and honour myself. I am beautiful and worthy of love. I am perfect, whole and complete just as I am. I am loving and loveable. I love, respect and cherish all that I am. I am divine love. I see myself through the eyes of my heart. I open myself to receive love. I am worthy. I treat my mind, body temple and soul with love and reverence. I am my best friend and I honour that friendship every way I can. I love myself and make choices that honour me - in mind, body, and soul.