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Light Me Up

Meditation Course

Bliss Junkie Meditation Bundle

Hey there!

Nice to meet you.

I'm Kat, an ex-journalist - now a yogi, mama, wellness warrior and spiritual adventurer.

I believe the Universe is always conspiring for us and with the right tools we can elevate and grow beyond our wildest dreams to live a life rich in love and joy.

You can read more about me here.

Are you new to meditation?

Let me guide you...

Meditation is a beautiful and simple yet powerful tool to cultivate more peace, mindfulness and joy in your life.

If you are new to meditation, or just need a little bit of inspiration to develop a regular practice, let me guide you on the basics - from posture and place to breathing techniques to delving deeper into the realm of inner peace and bliss.

In the "Light Me Up" Meditation Course you will learn:

- The practical steps to begin meditation (when, where and how)

- Essential breathing techniques

(which can induce a state of calm and mindfulness no matter where you are)

- The fundamentals of meditation

- How to use meditation tools including mala beads, mantra bracelets, essential oils and crystals

*You will also be given a guided meditation you can download and use any time you want. Be taken on a blissful journey into your heart centre where you can connect with your true divine essence!

Yoga Classes & Offerings

Mangawhai, Aotearoa (New Zealand)

I teach boutique beginners yoga classes in a beautiful home studio near the beach.

The classes have a maximum of 6 people and are an hour long, including ten minutes of Savasana relaxation at the end.

I also offer private one-on-one and couples' yoga lessons,

as well as group classes for private events.

The yoga style is a combination of Hatha and
Vinyasa and leaves you feeling amazing afterwards!


0064 21 232 7456

Mangawhai, Aotearoa

Anahata Moon Yoga & Wellness